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In 2015, Phil finally completed his underground wine cellar at his estate built in 1929 and filled it with wine, liquor, candles, and a piano. The cellar quickly became one of Phil's favorite rooms in the house to write, sing, and hang out with friends. Phil then had the idea to film the interactions and invite fans to join along. And just like that, Songs from the Cellar was born.

Artists, songwriters, entertainers, athletes, and wine connoisseurs will be featured guests on Songs From the Cellar.  Wine, beer, bourbons and other cocktail favorites will be featured in each show along with conversations and musical collaborations. Phil's laid back style and quick wit brings out interesting and entertaining stories with every guest.


“This is a first for us, and it’ll be a real treat for our fans. We always wanted to bring them into our home and witness some of the magic that can happen when we play with icons like Charles Esten, Steve Cropper and Jeffrey Steele along with newcomers like CAM and Hunter Hayes.  We found Songs from the Cellar was the perfect opportunity to sip a favorite drink, share some stories behind the music and sing our hearts out.”

Season 1 will feature such music greats as Peter Frampton, Steve Cropper, Tommy Shaw (STYX), John Rich, Charles Esten and many more!

Songs from the Cellar can be seen on Grand Ole Opry and Gray Media's Circle network.




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